Who Is The Coin Return Group And Why Are They The #1 Coin Recovery Firm In The United States?
The Coin Return Group is a group of blockchain experts that assist victims in recovering their lost or stolen coin assets. We have helped clients recover millions of lost or stolen crypto funds by using our proven, pinpoint exchange targeting methods. We take the fight to the scammers by hitting them where it hurts — the actual exchanges that the scammers use to slowly turn your money into cold hard cash that goes into their greedy pockets.

Our coin return services are effective against neutralizing all the common crypto scams, even if you can't withdraw your funds or if the scammers website has disappeared. We can help you recover your Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, and other funds that you thought were gone forever. 

How do we do recover coins after they've already been sent?

The Coin Return Group brings together top investigators, blockchain experts, and legal talent around the country all under one roof to aggressively fight back and help people like you get your money returned quickly and affordably. If you want to learn more about the only verified method to recovery your coins that we offer then read on...

Here's How It Works:

Every exchange has a policy in place to fight fraud, money laundering, and financing terrorism. We exploit this loophole in the blockchain's financial network to target the scammers once the funds are in an unsecured exchange wallet. The scammers usually move funds into these exchange accounts some time after you've been scammed so they can "cash out" and run off with your money. 

Just when the scammers think they are off the hook and most victims have long given up, the Coin Return Group strikes back and works with the exchange to freeze and return your money! This has allowed us to recover a substantial amount of money for our clients (millions of dollars).

Don't let them get away with it!

Get our experienced team and proven process in place so we can quickly trace your lost or stolen funds, target the very exchanges used by scammers to cash it out, and file actions to freeze their exchange accounts along with all the funds inside it! 

Do You Want Our Help?

Do you want to get this proven recovery method in place for your coins, before its too late? Speak with our team today. We’re an American company servicing clients nationwide that prides itself on being the largest and most trusted crypto recovery firm in the United States. We are very upfront and will tell you if we can help you or not and what the next steps would be. 

We Analyze Your Transactions And Find Your Stolen Money
Our blockchain experts can trace your funds across the web and find weak points in the scammers chain to ethically and legally freeze and return your coins.
We Partner With You On A Recovery Case To Fight Back.
We never stop fighting for our clients until we get the results and positive outcome that you're looking for. We also share in the success with our success-based fee structure.
We Get Your Funds Returned
Loved by victims who desperately need help, and feared by scammers who come under our crosshairs. Our team fights back aggressively and uses the Blockchain to your advantage to get funds returned to your account quickly.
The only firm in America that's recovered MILLIONS in Digital Coin Assets for victims of investment scams and hacks.
Discover how our proven recovery process that has helped 100's of fellow investors and crypto users can instantly help YOU get on track for a full recovery of your funds too.

Bill Reynolds says:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Verified Customer
Thank you Coin Return Group for helping me through a very difficult time. My heart sank into my stomach when I first realized I just lost my wife's and I live savings and retirement. Your help was greatly appreciated during this time. Without your knowledge and determination to fight the scammers I honestly don't know how I would have got through it and got almost all my money back. THANK YOU!

Mitch Patel says:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Verified Customer
I feel like a new man because of you! Over $85,000 dollars LOST but the Coin Return Group helped return over $60,000 so far and counting. Its been several weeks but I swear that I am still smiling ear to ear right now. If you find yourself in a similar situation STOP and call them right now, you won't be sorry. 

Gloria Z. says:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Verified Customer
Very professional and straight to the point! The Coin Return Group handled everything for me on my case from finding the scammers and tracking down my money, and finally to getting it back. They got the funds returned to my Coinbase account as promised and earned their fees. By far the best real investment I have ever made was to hire this company to help me.

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